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    Loft Shelving Services

    • Certified installer
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    • Quick installation
    • Trustmark Approved Company
    • Keep the heat in your home
    • Significant savings on your energy bills

    Practical and Stylish Loft Shelving for Your Unique Space

    Loft boarding is most economical and easiest way to increase storage space, but area wise you can only be able to board entire loft if you got a garage that too, so if you need more space loft shelving is the best solution to increase the storage area. All most all the properties can have shelving but trusses roof bit easier and cheaper when come to loft shelving. Those loft shelving help every once to organise their personal belongings and it become more popular method of increasing storage in the loft.
    There are few types of lofts shelving you can get such as metal, plastic bracket chip board shelving’s or wood beam with cupboard shelving’s. from our understanding 3rd option is best strongest option but you got choices to select. Shelter 4 green deal, we can install shelving for any property including new build or traditional property.

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    Loft shelving is more than just a safe and secure location to store your old possessions. With floating shelves, glass-fronted units, and made-to-measure wardrobes, it’s a custom storage space. You may store out-of-season garments and keep your favourite hardback books and photo albums in good condition here.
    Loft Shelving will work directly with you to provide a fashionable, economical, and convenient solution. With so many cutting-edge storage options, you’re sure to find the optimal platform to meet your requirements.
    Contact our knowledgeable staff for assistance and advice on loft shelving solutions. We have professional craftsmen, surveyors, and office personnel that will be there for you from start to end, offering great satisfaction to customers most areas of the United Kingdom.

    Installation of Loft Shelving

    Shelving installation need to be done properly with level. Some shelving’s use only screws some of them use nails and others could be nails and screws. Average shelving size come with 0.6m*0.6 m.
    As we explained earlier there are three main types of lofts shelving we use, such as metal, plastic bracket chip board shelving’s or wood beam with cupboard shelving’s suitable to new build houses. However, when come to traditional properties mainly custom design shelving need to be fixing. We are shelter 4 green deal can install shelving most of the properties in new bult and traditional houses.

    Loft Shelving | Victorian Insulation
    Loft Shelving | Victorian Insulation

    Benefits of Loft Shelving

    Loft shelving are one of the most common and cheapest method to increase your house storage capacity and there are many benefits as follow:

    • Increase storage area
    • Low-cost method for your storage requirement
    • Easy to access
    • It is in inside of your property
    • Easy to sectionize
    • Very helpful solution for low roof properties

    What type of loft shelving most suitable for you?

    Loft shelving is great idea to increase your storage requirement in any property whether it is new build or traditional. When come to new build or properties build with trusses. Shelving has A lots of variety of options base on size and types. Depend on what you looking to store and approximately what is the weight of your storing goods and your preference and budget, you can select your shelving.
    However, when come to traditional houses as those do not truss roof shelving will be need with additional work. Some traditional properties shelving is not an option. However, if you looking to get loft shelving for your traditional or new build or trusses roof, please get in touch with us so we can advice you with options you got based on your property.

    Loft Shelving | Victorian Insulation

    Our Services

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    Loft Insulation

    insulating materials are poor conductors, they reduce heat loss through conduction.

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    Loft Ladders

    We supply and fit a wide range of high-quality loft ladders.

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    Loft Boarding

    We can provide loft boarding into lofts of all ages.

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    Loft Lining

    we are elated to provide a variety of integrative services.

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    Loft Hatches

     we will only install loft hatches that match our stringent specifications.

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    Loft Shelving

    Not all lofts are designed to maximize storage space.

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