Get A Loft Insulation Make your House Warmer and Comfortable living area

Over 5 million homes are already enjoying the benefits of an insulation Measures.

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Our Loft Insulation

We are working in latest stander and has wide knowledge of loft insulation to deliver high quality loft insulation work. 

Heat rises, and in an uninsulated home, a quarter of heat is lost through the roof. Insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce your heating bills*. *Energy saving trust

Loft insulation is effective for at least 42 years and it should pay for itself many times over.

If your loft is easy to access and has no damp or condensation problems, it should be easy to insulate.

Loft insulation is easy and quick to install using rolls of mineral wool insulation. The first layer is laid between the joists – the horizontal beams that make up the ‘floor’ of the loft – then another layer is cross-laid at right angles to cover the joists and make the insulation up to the required depth.

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Pipes, Water Tank and Loft Hatch

Insulating between the joists of your loft will keep your house warmer but make the roof space above colder. Pipes and water tanks will be more likely to freeze, so you will need to insulate them. If your water tanks are some distance from the loft hatch, you will also need something to walk on for safe access.

The cooler air in your insulated loft could mean that cold draughts come through the loft hatch. To prevent this fit an insulated loft hatch and put strips of draught-excluding material around the hatch edges.

Storage Space

If you plan to use the loft or attic for storage, you will want to lay boards over the joists. Unfortunately, if you only insulate between the joists before doing this, the insulation won’t be thick enough.

To get enough insulation you can do the following:

• Insulate between the joists with mineral wool and then lay rigid insulation boards on top, with wooden boarding on top of that. You can buy insulation board pre-bonded to floor boarding to make the job easier. Or

• raise the level of the floor so you can fit enough mineral wool beneath the new floor level.

Either way, make sure you don’t squash the mineral wool when you fit the boards on top as this this will reduce its insulation value. *Energy saving trust,


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Benefits of cavity wall insulation


Reduces heat loss

Reduces your heating bills

Keeps your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer


The cost depends on the size of your house and how much insulation you already have. However, it will usually cost £250-£350 to install yourself which can pay for itself in less than 2 years if you have no insulation already and install insulation to 270mm thick.

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