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    Loft Flooring Services

    • Trust Mark Approved Loft Installer
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    • Convert your dangerous loft into a spacious, bright and safe storage area
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    Discover Efficient Loft Flooring Services in the UK

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    Loft Boarding | Victorian Insulation

    Shelter4GreenDeal provides and installs high-quality, moisture-resistant chipboard flooring in 18mm thickness. Our loft flooring is tongue and grooved on all four sides or two side small boards, maintaining a strong, sustained floor space with no or less gaps that is securely installed with screws to allow flooring to be lifted if access to cabling is required.


    If you have a great deal of insulation where the joist isn’t present, we can raise the floor height to incorporate it so that it doesn’t compact the ceiling.


    If you have any questions about dimensions or math, please do not hesitate to contact us!


    Loft Flooring In Newbuild Properties

    Most of the newbuild properties has loft if it not been converted So this is the ideal space to get loft boarded if you need more storage space. Average 3-bedroom semidetached property has approximately 30m2 of loft space. That will provide decent storage area in your property.
    All newbuild has up to standard insulation approximately 350mm thickness of loft insulation, therefor flooring system need to raise over the insulation and keep air gap between insulation and loft flooring for air circulation. That kind of systems call as a raised loft flooring system.
    We are shelter 4 green deal has BBA approved raised loft boarding system which able to meet those requirements and it want void your NHBC warranty. Contact us today and book the free survey to find out your property can benefit from your raised loft boarding systems.

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    Loft Flooring In Traditional Properties

    Large amount of the traditional houses in the UK has decent loft where most people used as storage place now. You may use full loft or part of the loft, but question is how you use it.
    Do you have proper storage space in the loft? Some of the properties, their occupiers put there all personal belongings on top of the insulation which is the wrong thing to do. Once you put your personal belongings on top of the insulation it will squash so insulation does not do there job properly also if you walk in the loft without proper loft boarding system you may in risk of falling from the loft. If you step somewhere in the celling where no joist you may fall from celling.
    Other thing is you may have loft flooring but is that done correctly? latest standard loft insulation thickness in glass mineral wool is 270mm thickness that come with 170mm top layer of insulation top of the joist, do you have correct amount of insulation and your boarding system install over the 270mm loft insulation with air gap or it sit on joist with 100mm or less insulation?
    Correct way to do is having 270mm loft insulation and raised flooring over the loft insulation with air gap between loft insulation and boarding

    Loft Boarding in Garages | Victorian Insulation

    Loft Flooring In Garages

    Garage loft also ideal space for storage and most of the people use this as a storage. Whether you got traditional or new build house most of the garage lofts able make as storage space.
    Question is how you looking to do that. Some of the garages now days use as a habitable room such as office space, gym, playroom etc. if it is the case you need to have properly insulted loft with 270mm insulation and install raised loft boarding system over the insulation them you will get benefit from loft insulation and also your storage space.
    If you keep your garage as non-habitable room(Just as a garage), then you do not need to have raised loft boarding system as there are not loft insulation requirements. So that could do with old methods of loft flooring.

    Loft Flooring Services In UK

    We only install high-quality flooring. Our campaign sized 18mm, moisture-resistant, P5 grade chipboard flooring is the ideal surface for your loft. Because of the grooved nature of the flooring, we can install a solid, continuous surface with no gaps, using screws for installation so that any future need for cabling can be easily utilised.

    How Much Loft Flooring Do I Need?

    It’s a good question, and we get it all the time! A couple of factors influence how much of the loft area to board. The first is how much you intend to store there, and please consider how much more stuff might end up there compared to what you currently have.
    It really ruins the expertise in the field of a usable loft space if it’s crammed with gear, so much so that you end up not using it because you can’t move around and find what you’re looking for.
    As a result, We do not do boarding for the eaves unless customer has done special request to do it. The way normally do, We keep half a meter out from the eaves for ventilation purpose. Loft boarding mainly doing for cold roof lofts mainly there is no heating system as that is not a habitable space and that only for storage purpose that has to be ventilated properly for not to develop any condensation.

    Loft Boarding in Traditional and New Build Houses | Victorian Insulation

    Benefits Of The Loft Flooring

    Why Choose Us

    A Flat, Hazard-Free Surface – As part of our installation services, we will ensure that your flooring surface is completely even and flat. This means your attic is free of potential trip hazards and other issues that could render the space unsuitable for storage or further conversion. please note some of the lofts joist not equal and those scenarios we may not able to get all loft in same hight, we will let you know during the installation if we came cross with those issues.

    Raised loft Floor – all the attic floor suitable for storage purpose and permanent storage for loft flooring is 25kg per square meter and up to 120kg for temporary basis meaning a person can walk on it. Our system may hold more weight but whether your roof structure will hold this weight

    Insulation – Because of the wooden frame, our floors and boards can be used with any type of insulation. Our boarding solutions are ideal whether you want to install new insulation or keep your existing insulation

    Our skilled team can provide a comprehensive range of loft flooring and boarding in the United Kingdom. There’s never been a better time to convert your space as storage space, with complete loft access packages available.

    Our team is here to help you whether you need more storage or want to improve the look of your living space.

    Please note: system suitable for storage purpose only. The average standard of the permanent storage loft flooring is 25kg per square meter and up to 120kg for temporary basis meaning a person can walk on it. Our system may hold more weight approximately upto 500kg those raised legs can hold but whether your roof structure will hold this weight is the question. If you require any joist strengthening please do that before installation of the flooring system and we do not do any joist strengthening.

    Our Services

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    insulating materials are poor conductors, they reduce heat loss through conduction.

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    We can provide loft boarding into lofts of all ages.

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    We supply and fit a wide range of high-quality loft ladders.

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    we are elated to provide a variety of integrative services.

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    Loft Hatches

     we will only install loft hatches that match our stringent specifications.

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    Loft Shelving

    Not all lofts are designed to maximize storage space.

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