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    Insulation, Loft Boarding and Loft Ladder Services

    • Fast, Free Survey
    • Add more storage space to your house
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    • Convert your dangerous loft into a spacious, bright and safe storage area
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    About Our Company

    Loft Boarding And Insulation For Domestic, Commercial Or Industrial

    We have a lot of experience with loft boarding in both traditional and new build houses. In addition, we install industry-leading raised loft boarding systems throughout the United Kingdom If you are looking for professional loft boarding company, Victorian insulation Ltd is the best place to inquire about your requirements. We are the industry leading Loft boarding company, so we do offer wide range of loft boarding options and selection of package offers and No other company offer you wide range of loft boarding options for affordable and reliable installation for your attic. By providing more straightforward options as a homeowner you can gain more benefit with us then your loft space may be the most welcoming largest storage space in your house.

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    Insulation Services

    Do you know properties heat will escape through the roof of your property? Properly done Loft Insulation works by trapping warm air in your home, reducing the need for costly heating. That is why all the government projects recommend you get the standard loft insulation. A well-insulated home can save money on your energy bill in the long run. Insulation also adds value to your property, and it will increase a higher rating on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC Ratings) and other than the insulation services, if you want to use your loft as a storage space, we can help with that.
    As an insulation professional at Victorian Insulation Ltd, one of our professional surveyors will come and visit your property and give you a free no obligation survey with many options This survey carries out by one of our professional surveyors and you can get professional advices and customised quotation too.

    • Fully covered by insurance.
    • Our standards are relevant.
    • We deliver high-quality work while maintaining a high degree of expertise.
    • We collaborate with industry experts who have won awards.
    • Loft Boarding covered by a lifetime warranty (depend on service and Ts and Cs apply).
    • We are certified and skilled installers.
    • Flexible payment terms

    Who We Are:

    • Fully covered by insurance.
    • Our standards are relevant.
    • We deliver high-quality work while maintaining a high degree of expertise.
    • We collaborate with industry experts who have won awards.
    • We are experienced and Skilled installers.
    • We are certified and Skilled installers.

    Our Services

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    Loft Insulation

    insulating materials are poor conductors, they reduce heat loss through conduction.

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    Loft Boarding

    We can provide loft boarding into lofts of all ages.

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    Loft Ladders

    We supply and fit a wide range of high-quality loft ladders.

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    Loft Lining

    we are elated to provide a variety of integrative services.

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    Loft Hatches

     we will only install loft hatches that match our stringent specifications.

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    Loft Shelving

    Not all lofts are designed to maximize storage space.

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    Find the best loft boarding package for your property.

    • Quality and standard work
    • Best packages for your requirements
    • Suitable packages for traditional or new builds

    Why Choose Victorian Insulation?

    We offer a wide range of different loft insulation, loft boarding options to ensure that your loft is well installed with reasonable budget, and our main aim is help you to explore different options.

    We also recognise that our best asset is our customers and our staff, so we provide highest standards and quality service. We are expert in professional, affordable, and customised loft boarding services as we have various options to suit your budget and property requirements in this industry many lofts boarding companies have not got that opportunity.

    If you are looking to create an extra space in your dusty and gloomy loft for more storage options and help to prevent heat loss Victorian Insulation Ltd is the best company.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn about the loft boarding systems we use

    Is it OK to board over loft insulation?

    Yes. That what call raised loft boarding system. Once you got up to date loft insulation in your loft, most cases 270mm thickness of loft insulation you loft boarding system need to go over the insulation.

    Can I Board directly onto joists?

    Boarding direct into the loft is old style of DIY work. You need to consider about insulation. Latest standard loft insulation thickness is 270mm for domestic properties and new build around 300mm to 400mm thickness. So can not board to loft joist without removing insulation. Also by fixing boards to joist in insulated loft may create condensation under the boards and it will break after some times. So correct way is raised loft boarding. If you looking to board garage where no loft insulation present we normally install wood beam and them boards on it.

    7 things you need to know when you walking in your loft or loft boards?

    What you need to know when walking on loft boards

    1. Make sure area where you walk been boarded
    2. Make sure boarded area properly done. ( boards or system properly fixed and screwed, also if boards directly fix to the joist it may has condensation under side of the boards with may break when you stand on it.)
    3. Do not stand on plaster boards as those not bear your weight
    4. Use crawl boards
    5. Of loft insulation higher and you can not see the joist then remove loft insulation area where you walking and put your feet on only joist. When you going out from the loft make sure you put that insulation back to where it was to avoid heat lost.
    6. If you are walking on loft where no boards then make sure you put middle of your feet on joist.
    7. Never trust cross beam between joist or any other cross beams, they may not securely fixed so only stand on joist.

    Can loft boarding cause damp?

    If you board loft boards direct to the joist may Couse damp. That method may compress the insulation and restrict ventilation circulation so mainly create condensation underside of the boards and it may break after few years.

    Can I board new build loft

    When come to loft boarding in new build work need to be done for latest standard. Most of the New build has thicker loft insulation so boards need to go over the insulation with air gap between insulation and boards that normally call raised loft boarding system.

    How thick should loft boards be?

    For loft boarding purpose normally using 18mm chip boards and they normally come with 1.22m*0.3m-0.32m or 2.4m *0.6m sizes.

    Standard loft boards come in two different sizes; 2,400mm x 600mm and 1,220mm x 320mm; both of which are 18mm thick. Remember to make sure that the boards you decide on will actually fit through your loft hatch!

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